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[test] the twentieth 2017 northeast international welding, c
time:2017-01-03 07:46:20 source:[test] the twentieth 2017 northeast international welding, c-海盐万瑞标准件股份有限公司
Exhibition area: liaoning city: shenyang country/region: China's industries: mechanical/material/equipment exhibition organizer: northern business exhibition co., LTD.
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At the same time, is the center of the northeast China shenyang city, adjacent to north Korea, South Korea, Japan, Russia, goods distribution center is not only the products, and business trade center, and thus become a hardware fastener industry an important window for domestic trade and foreign sales.
Fasteners, bolts, screw, nut, stud, expansion screws, riveting products, tooth bar, screw, washers and stamping parts, self-tapping screw, wood screw, rivet, nail, pin and key, combination of fasteners, connecting deputy fasteners, non-standard pieces of cold upsetting, hot pier and cutting products, stainless steel fasteners, nylon fasteners, plastics and corrosion resistance of metal fasteners, ?


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