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[test] first fasteners export quality and safety of the nati
time:2017-01-03 07:47:50 source:[test] first fasteners export quality and safety of the nati-海盐万瑞标准件股份有限公司
Ningbo inspection and quarantine bureau said today, recently, the quality and safety of ningbo zhenhai export fasteners demonstration zone has been through the panel site acceptance inspection, successfully created the provincial export quality safety demonstration area, become the country's first demonstration zone fasteners export quality and safety.
, according to central wide net 14 "demonstration area in all enterprises have been set up perfect quality management system and running. Its product quality is stable, won national relevant certification." Zhenhai relevant person in charge of inspection and quarantine bureau said, all 30 companies signed a pledge of quality, commitment to fulfill the first responsibility, quality damage compensation responsibility in accordance with the law. Has not been nearly three years, a major export products quality and safety accidents and illegal case.
As the most important fasteners production and export base in China, ningbo holds the title of "China fastener capital". October 1, 2016, ningbo area fastener products output value reached $690 million, exports of $270 million. Among them, the ningbo zhenhai fastener product quality and safety of export demonstration area to create enterprise value of $390 million, exports of $160 million, accounted for 55% and 59%, respectively. At present, the production of fastener industry accounted for about 1/2 of the ningbo, about 1/16 of the whole country. Products are exported to all over the country and exported to the United States, the European Union and Japan and other places.


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